Unique Eugene

5th street market in Eugene

Our founder: Eugene. Last name, Skinner. Photos of him look suspiciously like a character in a popular animated TV series. Truth? Fiction? You decide. But Groening did attend the UO. Either way that Eugene had a vision that became our Eugene. Colorful. Green. In every hue. Progressive. In the sustainability sense and in our attitudes. An unexpected mix of a urban culture and college town charm. People who live and work here call it “the second paycheck.” Your new home is ready to welcome you. Just pronounce it “you-GENE” and not “YOU-gene,” and you’ll fit right in.

Eugene is:

  • Number one green city in the U.S. for air quality, recycling, transportation, and green space—National Geographic’s "Green Guide"
  • Top 10 trans-friendly colleges—Campus Pride
  • Top 20 most bicycle-friendly—Bicycling

Metro area: 340,000 people. Not too big, not too small.

Your health conscious side will love the weekly open-air market.  And whether you’re craving Thai and Moroccan or pizza and VooDoo, you’ll find it here. You’ll work it off on the 250 miles of bike and running trails right in town. Hiking and rock climbing minutes away. Surf/board: ride swell and shred within a 1.5 hour drive. On the same day. Depending on whether you go east or west.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Even though Eugene is a paradise, it’s pretty connected to the rest of the world. We’ve got a transit system (the EMX) with extensive local lines. The EMX is free for UO students. Eugene Airport (the EUG) offers domestic flights to take you across the region, country, and globe.