Just for Juniors

Just for Juniors




Just for Juniors was made specifically for you! It’s the best way to get a jumpstart on your college search. Get your questions answered in real time and find out what life is like as a Duck.

Our virtual Just for Juniors event includes:

  • A special guest to kick things off 
  • An admissions information session
  • A glimpse into the life of a current student
  • A student panel with the Duck
  • A financial aid information session
  • Guidance on the steps to take during your senior year

Want to skip to a specific part? Visit the YouTube link, check the description box, and click the time code for the section you'd like to watch. (But we recommend watching the whole thing!)

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We're providing virtual experiences so you can find out what it's like to be a Duck. Get connected with campus resources, or just pass the time with Duck-themed activities.

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We're offering customized one-on-one Zoom meetings that fit right in on your schedule. Get your questions answered by our admissions team, or meet with a current student to hear more about the student experience.

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Plenty of UO resources exist online, and we wanted to gather them all here for you to explore. Explore our YouTube playlist curated by current students, our new 3D Instagram filters, and even some Duck-themed activities to pass the time while you're at home.

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